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Welcome to my blog Glamour passion beauty, the Best destination with latest Fashion, Travel and beauty products and services. My blog is all about  Travel Fashion beauty style and Glamour.

My name is Raju Chhabra, want to grow day by day with positive thoughts..I love the world of makeup and fashion. I always love the industry of Glamour. Life is so short no time to waste, every second is so precious. So always be healthy and rocking with this beautiful world.

Where we stand

In today’s world when we see around the world, there is so much stress and depression. So much violence, hatred, and jealousy disturbed human being. This depression and stress affect our health and beauty.   Human being wants to relax and stress-free.  We try our best to give the best value to visitors to relax and stress-free with the divine world of Fashion, Beauty, and health.

About me:

My name is Raju Chhabra, I born in Ludhiana city of Punjab. I completed my study in Ludhiana after completed my studies, I have started script writing, dialogue writing and enter into a world of Glamour and Beauty. I love the world of makeup, Fashion and Glamour. Since my childhood passion was acting, dancing and script writing.

My hobbies are watching movies, listening music, shopping, and photography.

I want to win the world with my passion.

Let’s love yourself always.