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Tanushree Dutta gets Legal Notice from Nana Patekar

Tanushree Dutta gets Legal Notice from Nana Patekar
Written by Raju chhabra

Tanushree Dutta gets Legal Notice

An Indian actress the award-winning Bollywood star Miss Taushree Dutta former Miss Universe rival, said she was sexually harassed by Nana Patekar during the filming of the comedy Horn Ok Pleassss in 2008 ,who claims to have been sexually harassed on two movie sets said Thursday she received legal warnings and threats of violence over her statements.

Ten years ago , Dutta made these allegations after leaving the plateau. She repeated this assertion in a recent interview, also claiming that director Vivek Agnihotri behaved inappropriately towards her during the filming of the 2005 film Chocolate: Deep Dark Secrets . Dutta, 37, said in a statement on Thursday that she had received legal advice from Patekar and Agnihotri.t’s the price to pay for denouncing harassment, humiliation and injustice in India.

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Tanushree had alleged that Nana had harassed her physically and sexually during the filming of the 2008 film, Horn OK Pleasse. She had claimed that Nana had demanded that she take an obscene step with him, and when she refused, members of a political party were called, who threatened her and vandalized her car. Nana had rejected the accusations while a journalist and an assistant director of the film corroborated the story of Tanushree. A number of Bollywood figures have spoken out for Tanushree, including Farhan Akhtar, Kajol, Ayushmann Khurrana and Priyanka Chopra. She later accused director Vivek Agnihotri of inappropriate behavior on the set of his 2005 film, Chocolate. The actor recalled an incident on the set when he was ordered to undress and dance without warning, and said the established actors, Irrfan Khan and Suniel Shetty, had defended him. Are you thinking of buying a mid-range smartphone? Honor 9N is the naked beauty you need Tanushree Dutta said she was inappropriately touched by Nana Patekar. Tanushree Dutta received two legal opinions, one from actress Nana Patekar and one from filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri, after accusing them of harassment. In a statement she said that I received two legal opinions today. One of Nana Patekar and another of Vivek Agnihotri. This is the price to pay to denounce harassment, humiliation and injustice in India. The teams of Nana and Vivek Agnihotri are carrying out a smear campaign against me by building false lies and false information on social media platforms and other public platforms. Their supporters are coming forward and are making damning accusations against me, even shouting loudly at press conferences. She also alleged that Vivek Agnihotri had asked her to undress on the sets of the movie Chocolate to give clues to Irrfan Khan.

Read also Shakti Kapoor on the Tanushree Dutta-Nana Patekar incident: It was 10 years ago when I was a child. In his statement, Tanushree also mentioned the fact that two men were trying to break into his house. She said: Today, while I was at home and the policemen in front of my house were on lunch break, two suspicious individuals tried to enter our home uninvited but were arrested just time by security officers in the building.

Dutta said she also received violent threats from the Hindu far-right nationalist group Maharashtra Navnirman Sena and was the victim of a summer campaign on social media. It’s the saga of the survivors in our country.he said. Agnihotri’s lawyer said that Dutta’s allegations against the director were \absolutely false, frivolous and vexatious and confirmed that his client would sue the actress. We have given legal notice to sue for defamation against her, said Nidhish Mehrotra in a statement posted on Twitter by Agnihotri.

Other actresses have started talking about a subject that has hardly ever been touched in the Indian media. In December, young star Swara Bhaskar said she was harassed by an anonymous director at the beginning of her career. Bhaskar also evoked a casting culture, in which young women are expected to exchange sexual favors for film roles. Some Indian actresses have said that Bollywood should create an environment in which victims can express themselves without fear of being ostracized or monitored on social media. Bhaskar said that the Bollywood clique, where many stars and directors are friends or related, has made public disclosure of allegations difficult.

The major Bollywood chains, Amitabh Bachchan and Salman Khan, both refused to answer questions about Dutta’s allegations at recent press conferences. Review of the movie Andhadhun : An Indian thriller actor at the helm of the seat is sued after alleged sexual harassment Aayush Sharma, grateful to Salman Khan for LoveYatri Tanushree, issued Wednesday a statement that: This is the the price you pay for speaking out against harassment, humiliation and injustice in India.

she also said the director’s and actor’s teams are intent on tarnishing her reputation with lies and misinformation on social media platforms and other public platforms.She painted a dark picture of women’s rights in India ‘Tareek pe Tareek pe tareek’ and the dawn of justice never comes and all his life goes into disarray while the witnesses are intimidated, discredited or simply squandered their will to stand up .. False witnesses supporting the alleged perpetrators to further weaken it Court cases can last for decades without hope of conclusion. In the end, an empty shell remains, broken hopes, A wasted life, vanquished. This is the old saga of the survivors of our country. Tanushree added that these were the reasons why women do not want to tell their story in India: I once left the same environment that was created for me 10 years ago. God found, healed, found peace,n a new life in the United States of America. And now, I also risk losing this new life if I get dragged into the Indian judicial system.And you wanted to know why the movement did not happen in India either … That’s why …

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