Garnier Pure Active Neem Face Wash

Garnier Pure Active Neem Face Wash
Written by Raju chhabra

Hi everybody!! Everyone loves good skin care products and today we have for you guys another fantastic skin care product review. Today we have for you the Garnier pure active neem face wash. This facewash is specially formulated for acne prone and oily skin people. Garnier has launched this product with a new and funky packaging.

Price: INR 55 for 50 grams.

Packaging: The new garnier pure active neem facewash comes in a plastic tube packaging with a flip top cap. Earlier it used to come with a screw cap. The quality of the packaging is sturdy and very travel friendly.

Key Ingredients:
Neem, Tea tree leaf oil,Menthol, Sodium benzoate

Product description: Garnier Pure Active Neem fights bacteria, pollution and removes oil, has neem and tea tree extracts, is meant for pimple prone skin.

My Experience:

The face wash is green in color and has a gel like consistency. It’s not too runny nor too thick, just comfortable enough to spread easily on the face. The fragrance of the face wash is quiet refreshing and light, I really liked it. The face was lathers quite well. And a very little amount is needed to cover the entire face and neck. The face wash works really well for oily and combination skin types. It does give a slight cooling sensation when applied as it also has menthol in it.

It works wonderfully during the summer and monsoon months, but make sure you moisturize really well afterwards specially in winter season. Because this face wash can make the skin a bit dry in winters. It does make the skin clean and refreshed. Removes all the dirt and grime really well. The face wash helps to control oil on the skin, so perfect for teenagers and people with oily skin. The face wash is going to help you deal with slight acne and pimples. But if you are having severe acne make sure to consult a dermatologist as it might work well on that. This face wash might not suit people having dry skin although it is not harsh, as I said it can get a bit drying.

1. Affordable price.
2. Claims are found to be true .
3. Helps with oily skin and reduces pimple marks.
4. Travel friendly
5. Suitable for all skin types.
6. Makes skin really clean.

1. The main con that I found was it might make the skin of people with for skin a bit more dry in winters.
2. The product does contain SLS.

Ratings: ⅘

Do I recommend?
Yes the facewash will suit all skin types, and is a pretty good face wash to use during summers and monsoons.

Will I repurchase
Sure, it is an excellent product and will absolutely repurchase. Although it’s availability is a bit difficult online as it is mostly out of stock. This also shows how popular this face wash is among people.So this was my review on the Garnier Pure Active Neem Face Wash.

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