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So FRIENDS has been the most favourite shows of all times. And yes we all are aware that the huge apartment that they showed was unrealistic. But we must remember that it was the 90’s and that might have been possible earlier in the days. But there are a few of the characters seen in the show that were just extremely awful. So here we have for you the Top 5 worst characters that we have seen on the show, and cannot stand them at all.



1. Joanna:

Remember Joanna? She was just a very mean boss. She had disrupted Rachel’s promotion at the company. Then when she did offer her a Job she died before she submitted the paperwork needed. She was an absolute nightmare to Sophie. Joanna reminds us the entire very first boss that we all have had. When we are just out of the university and there they are determined to make us all cry on the very first day. Chandler was just so right when he said “She had a lot of eye gloop”.

2. Emily:

She is really one of the most annoying characters on the show. Really she was one of the worst English stereotype people. She was rude to almost everyone, whining all the time. She always had a problem when Ross used to hang out with his friends. The funny thing is that she knew that Ross was in love with Rachel, but she still did marry Ross. She didn’t even seem like she was in love with Ross that much. And it was her because of which Pregnant Phoebe was left alone, while everyone was in London.

3. Heckles:

This guy was just not funny at all. Very maddening and creepy to an extent. He just always wanted to ruin everybody’s fun the entire time. The neighbour that had problems with any kind of noise at all. If he wouldn’t have been there entirely no one would have really missed him. Heckles was really the worst.

4. Judy Gellar:

Of course she is a good mom to Ross. But when it comes to her behaviour towards Monica. She is really the worst. She clearly differentiates between the two. Everything that Ross does is somehow right to her, and even after so much of efforts Monica puts into impress are left unseen. Just very cold and doubtful when it comes to her own daughter. Who would want a mother like her in life?

5. Janice:

OH MY GOD!! This list cannot be complete without the irritating Janice for sure. She is just a night mare. The weird quacking high pitched voice, the bad laugh and the worst hairstyles on the entire show. It’s like you can’t run away from her she is just everywhere. She is the kind of person that you somehow date for sometime by mistake, but then she’s always around.

So these were the top 5 Worst characters of our beloved show FRIENDS. What do you think and according to you who else should have been on the list. Do let us know in the comment section below.

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