5 Worst how i met your mother character

5 Worst how i met your mother character
Written by Raju chhabra

For ten seasons HIMYM has been a favorite for all. Although the finale was just disheartening. Not just the ending of the show, there were characters showcased throughout the show that were just not right. Here we have for you the 5 Worst how i met your mother character:


Lily Adrian:

She is clearly the worst character oh How I met Your MOTHER as She is really selfish.
Remember the time when Lily was ready to make her dreams to live in Italy a priority when Marshall was going to get a promotion in the city. She did not think even once regarding his wishes. This just shows how negative of a character she can become.

On the entire show and of all the main characters she had been the most manipulative person ever. She constantly tries to interfere with her friend’s life. She was even behind most of Ted’s break ups. Not to forget when Marshall had to choose between working as Environmental lawyer or National Resources Defense council, which was his dream Lily still tries to convince him to go for the corporate job which paid more money and the one which his father had got him. The time when Lily was in huge debt, Marshall was not aware of it the whole time, as she never told him. Because of which poor Marshall had to opt for the corporate job which made him miserable.

• Barney Stinson:

As a general rule, he is a loser and that is obvious from the way that he really took out time from his day to compose a dumb playbook loaded up with tips and traps on the most proficient method to get laid. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! Another irritating attribute of Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother. Individuals confront challenges in their family, love-life, scholastics, vocation and different other critical parts of life. In any case, this loser had so much extra time that picking a lady in a bar was a test for him. Bravo Barney! He really slept with a lady at some stranger’s apartment and after that left her there without thinking about the results and what that young lady would confront. No more should be said here!

• Ted Mosby:

Before you begin accusing at me of remarks applauding Ted, comprehend that I don’t really mind, much the same as your adored Ted didn’t each time he dumped somebody without qualms. All things considered, this man dated more than 25 ladies, over the span of the show.
From racing into connections to admitting his adoration for Robin on the primary fucking date, is it simply me or anyone else noticed his desperation?
But we must hail the man for giving us the silliest, cheesiest and most repulsive explanation behind his desperation. He was finding ‘the one’.
Also, he’s the person who said things despite the fact that he never believed in them. What other reason can be of his desperation?

• Jeanette:

Season eight’s Jeanette was the last genuine sweetheart that Ted had before meeting the mother. Also, hating her was simple. There was nothing remotely amiable about the bonkers blonde, who wound up crushing the majority of Ted’s things in a fire. Way off the hot-insane scale.

• Zoey:

I couldn’t care less in the smallest that Zoey wasn’t the Mother. she was both an unfunny character and a genuinely disagreeable one, somebody who was childish and manipulative and totally damaging to the group.

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