Best Sunglasses Brands In The World To Enhance Your Personality

Best Sunglasses Brands In The World
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When you are fashion conscious it is likely that you must have asked a question to yourself before and that is which are the best sunglasses brands? Usually, sunglasses are used as an accessory that protects your eyes from the sun and also makes a fashion statement. They change an ordinary look into stylish and funky in a jiffy. A number of brands offer high-quality products that are totally worth the expenditure as they offer polarized lenses that can cut glare and reduce the strain on the eyes.  Here we have made a list of the best sunglasses brands in the world. You can refer to it and select the brand that works for you and make sure you do visit their official websites to get a good discount on them.

Best Sunglasses Brands In The World:


The famous aviator sunglasses were first made by the brand in the year 1930 as the airline fights were becoming popular each day and the pilots were considered legends at the time. The glasses were provided to the military aviators during the early years of aviation. The Italy based company offers polarized glasses that gives protection against all of the glare that comes from the sun. The glasses had become famous in the early 1980’s when famous movies like Top Gun and Risky business were released. The brand offers sunglasses for both men and women and can have a range of about $ 150 to $ 200 for a pair. Ray-ban is definitely one of the best sunglasses brands in the world.

Oakley, Inc:

This brand had been founded in California and it specializes in sports and lifestyle equipment. The company had started focusing on making sunglasses for the younger generation in the 1990’s and had emerged as the competitor of Ray Ban. The style of their glasses is usually rugged and perfect for using outdoors regardless of the weather. The Oakley Company offers sunglasses for men and women and the price can range from anywhere around $ 75 to $ 300.

Maui Jim:

This company made its debut around the hotel pools in Maui, Hawaii in the early 1980’s. By the year 1988, they had just started to make their presence felt. The style of their glasses is Hawaiian and have a beach feel to them. A lot of their sunglasses have polarized lenses that come in various colors and help against the harmful rays of the sunlight. The range of these glasses is from $ 100 to $ 200 and is one of the best sunglasses brands in the world.

Prada Eyewear:

Best Sunglasses Brands In The World

These sunglasses come from the most luxurious brand in Italy. The sunglasses are very well known for there quirky and fresh styles. They come in a huge variety of shapes, colors. By the year 1990, these glasses had made their name in extravagance sunglasses. The range of these best sunglasses brands in the world can be anywhere from $ 100 to a whopping $ 600.


In the year 1977, the Italian luxury eyewear company and one of the best sunglasses brands in the world had begun making eyewear for pilots and race drivers. The word Persol translates to Per il sol which is an Italian word that means for the sun in English. Almost all of the sunglasses come with a silver arrow as it’s trademark Supreme Arrow. Usually, these glasses are designed for men and women that participate in outdoor and sports activities. Usually, a pair of these glasses is going to cost you anywhere from $ 100 to $ 250.

Tom Ford:

These sunglasses have a huge variety of styles and frames that seem like the digit eight and have thicker frames with many color variants. This is what makes it one of the best sunglasses brands in the world. From the year 2006, when Tom Ford had launched his own fashion line in the United States of America. They have gained immense popularity and a pair of glasses can be expected to range from $ 150 to $ 300.


This is one of the world’s most famous brands that is famous for its fashion and leather accessory. In the year 1990 the company started making its first sunglasses and in the beginning, their sales were quite slow. In the present times, it is one of the best brands for sunglasses. They have glasses from the square and round lenses to aviators. These glasses come in a variety of different shades and styles with quirky detailing. These glasses range around $ 150 to $ 400 a pair.

Emporio Armani:

This brand is the spin off-label of Armani, which is one of the famous brands in Italy. The Emporio Armani is famous for selling a more trendy and modern fashion look that also happens to include sunglasses. Their logo is a G curving into an A. The brand also offers variation in designs and had a massive range for both men and women. You can get these glasses for a little amount as & 75 to up to $ 250 a pair.


Best Sunglasses Brands In The World

The brand came into existence in the year 1978 and had made its debut in Milan Italy. The brand is known for its ornate, female-focused logo. That is why it is one of the best sunglasses brands in the world for girls. This brand is famous for their wrap around and aviator sunglasses. Most of their lenses are polarized to protect from the harmful radiations of the sun. Some of the styles that are featured for women have ornate and extravagant details. The glasses range from $ 100 to $ 200 a pair.

Dolce and Gabbana:  

This is an Italian fashion house that is well renowned for its luxury and upscale styles. They have wide rims and the very popular interlaced D and G logo on them. The sunglasses come in oversized and wrap around lenses. Available for both men and women, their price range for women sunglasses is around $ 200.


In the year 1920 Polaroid Inc had brought about a revolution by making the most inexpensive Polarized film. Just after this, they started manufacturing sunglasses using technology that had given the highest levels of protection from the UV rays. In the beginning, the technology had been used for making aviators, bikers, divers racers etc, but slowly they started becoming popular among the celebrities and later they had started making regular sunglasses and prescription wear.


This is another Italian brand that started in the 1980’s. It specializes in manufacturing sunglasses of various designs and high quality. Slowly the company also started making apparel and perfumes as well.

Kate Spade:

This is a New York-based company that had started in the year 1993 as a fashion house. Right from the beginning the company gave tough competition to the Michael Kors. Initially, they made apparel, sunglasses, shoes, and handbags and the entire range had become very popular. The brand is well known for their vibrant and colorful vibe and this is what makes it one of the best sunglasses brands in the world.

Christian Dior:

Best Sunglasses Brands In The World

This is a French company and is well known for their couture apparel, perfumes, handbags, and sunglasses. More than twenty years ago Dior eyewear started in association with the Safilo group and together the brand is making some amazing eyewear and had been breaking all records while it comes to exploring new fashion trends. The company’s research team continues to make sunglasses that are modern, fashionable, feminine and still provide full protection from the sun.


If you are on the lookout for the best sunglasses brands in the world, then burberry has to be on your list. This brand has invented the gabardine in the year 1879, and had become well known for its stylish British designs. For the past seventeen years with Christopher Bailey, this brand has splendidly merged its signature elements with trendy and contemporary additions that they provided.


As this company has been around for over a century now, they do have great experience in producing really high-quality goods. And it’s not a surprise that the brand also excels in the sunglasses department. Their trademark design has elements of Italian legacy house and has strong elements from the Roman, Italian Renaissance, Persian eras.


This brand has been celebrating the practical and aspirational spirit that surrounds its debut city of New York. The diverse and yet sophisticated brand produces casual apparel and accessories including sunglasses that are going to be easily incorporated in any one’s wardrobe.


Best Sunglasses Brands In The World

Although the guy himself retired from the company about ten year’s ago. The brand itself is massive and echoes the timeless sophistication and honor of the Italian Maison de mode. After the brand was launched in the 1960’s with its all-white couture collection, it went on moving ahead on the international stage. The brand has suddenly become a celebrity favorite. The brand does include designs that are more trendy but it continues to embrace the sophisticated elegance that it has been known for.

Oliver Peoples:

The brand was first launched in Hollywood and has sunglasses designs that are inspirational and creative. The sunglasses are handcrafted and have been made with great dedication and with the highest quality of materials. The brand was owned by Oakley in the year 2006 and later with time, it became a part of Luxottica. The brand is also known for the detailing they provide to the distinctive frames of sunglasses. Although these sunglasses are a bit on the expensive side and a pair might cost you around $ 400.


This famous brand has been famous for their oversized aviators.  The brand has recently made a comeback in recent times. This Austrian brand with some of its classic signature designs have manufactured sunglasses from very light and scratch resistant materials. The glasses are polarized and come in various trendy, seasonal and urban frames.

Paul Smith:

The brand is on the name of the famous designer Paul Smith, the sunglasses are well made with exceptional tailoring and has made its objective to cater the public with really good quality and variation in designs that are inspired by everyday life and with a touch of trendy and quirky British style.

Polo Ralph Lauren:

This popular brand has its own story to tell with the classic and very sophisticated American designed sunglasses. The brand has a massive variety when it comes to fashion including ready to wear apparel, leather goods and of course sunglasses. The brand was founded in the year 1967 and has found its origin in men ties initially.

Thom Browne:

The Thom Browne eyewear collection is known for it’s smart and stylish sunglasses. It offers an assortment of very distinctive men and women frames. The label collection has something for everyone. The best part about these sunglasses is that it looks great with any formal wear like it looks with casuals like jeans and a t-shirt.

Miu Miu:  

Best Sunglasses Brands In The World

Sometimes you are going to notice that Miu Miu has it’s style a little bit similar to the famous brand Prada. Although the brand has the same origin, Miu Miu has a very distinct and characteristic vibe that is playful, vibrant and young. That is reflected really well in their vintage-inspired frames.

Ermenegildo Zegna:  

The brand had started in the early 20th Century with the namesake company by Ermenegildo Zegna, he just wanted to create the finest and the best quality fabrics in the world. He wasn’t aware until the time, how famous his family business was going to become. The brand has a profound connection with the textiles that can be seen in each and every collection they have. No wonder he decided to include materials leather, wool and other fabrics in their sunglasses range as well.


Just in recent times, this brand’s designs have got evolved successfully from the monogrammed dust collectors for the young to sophisticated and stylish for the older generation. The sunglasses collection has begun with the old times Hollywood movie star to the more edgy and futuristic frames. You can without a doubt go with these sunglasses to just pimp up your style any day.

Maui Jim:

Just like their name, Maui Jim has dedicated its really cool and funky sunglass designs to the beauty and culture of the place itself. They use high-quality material and lens technology that makes one see colors more brightly and the surrounding are visible more clearly.

Michael Kors:

This is, in fact, one of the most successful American lifestyle brands of the time. In the late 1970’s the brand had established itself really well and had been known for their inspirational and high-quality accessories. The design aesthetics depends on the carefully balanced elements that provide a whole new perspective to the customers.

Karen Walker:

The New Zealand designer Karen Walker had been well renowned for the fun twist that she gives to her sunglasses designs. When you are looking for a statement piece that no one else has, this brand is not going to disappoint you.


The brand is one of the best sunglasses brands in the world and was launched by the two European guys who were chasing the American dream. The company makes its sunglasses inspired by the famous and timeless beauty icons like Brigitte Bardot. The company is well known for their continuous inclination towards the vintage elements, from the 1950’s to the 90’s.


The brand was originally founded as a children shoe shop in Paris just after the Second World War. The brand now celebrates the quintessence of French girl chic. The head of the design is Phoebe Philo. The important elements of this iconic fashion brand are there outstanding geometric elements and adventurous combinations when it comes to colors.

Cutler and Gross:

Best Sunglasses Brands In The World

This is the British luxury eyewear brand and they specialize in there good quality and handmade designer frames. Each pair of these sunglasses has their own unique finish to them that sets them apart. It is inspired by the labels founding days in the late 1960’s and hugely reflect the bold and zeitgeist of the time.

Warby Parker:

If you are in search of sunglasses that are more on the affordable range side, this American brand will surely not disappoint you. This being one of the best sunglasses brands in the world was established in the year 2010 and was founded by David Gilboa, Neil Blumenthal, Andrew Hunt, Jeffery Raider and of course  Warby Parker himself. They mainly sell their sunglasses online only. They have an exquisite collection of affordable and stylish sunglasses. They also have a policy of Buy one, Give one. So each time someone buys a pair of sunglasses the company pays to have another one made and then donates it to a non-profit organization.


This is a very famous and an award-winning German eyewear company. It was founded by Harold Gottschling, David Haffmans, Philipp Haffman and Moritz Kruger in the year 2003. Presently the company is operating from Berlin and the brand is well known for their manufacture of hand assembled sunglasses. But be careful they are very expensive and some of their models can range up to about $ 800. There cheapest sunglasses will cost you around $ 300. But it is made sure that you get the quality that you are paying for. If you are able to afford a pair of these glasses, it is sure that they are going to last for a really long time as it is one of the best sunglasses brands in the world.

American Optical:

The American optical brand was established by William Beecher in the year 1826 and it is one of the oldest eyewear brands in the world. The company had started working in its earliest forms of sunglasses in the year 1876 and had started manufacturing regular sunglasses with lenses in different colors. The company is well known for its durable sunglasses and a pair of sunglasses is going to last for many years. It is truly worth the investment and is among the best sunglasses brands in the world. The best part about these sunglasses is that they are not too heavy on the pocket. They price their glasses fairly that is not seen many of the brands out there.

Randolph Engineering:

The company has it’s headquarters in Randolph, Massachusetts and was established in the year 1972. The company was associated with the U.S. Army, Navy and the Air force for many years. They are well known to manufacture some of the most durable and strongest sunglasses in the world. Of course, when the company offers sunglasses that are high quality they become expensive as well. You need to be ready to pay such a hefty amount if looking for a high quality product.


The brand was founded by Hyman Moscot in the year 1915 and is one of the oldest sunglass manufacture company in New York. They offer sunglasses with bold and classic designs. The brand is very famous among Hollywood celebrities including Johnny Depp, James Franco, Jeff Goldbum and Helena Bonham Carter.

Maui Jim:

This company is one of the most highly respected sunglasses manufacturers in the world. It was founded in the year 1980 in Hawaii by Jim Richards. The brand became popular in Hawaii and slowly made it’s way to the mainland in U.S.A in the year 1988. The company offers both prescription and non-prescription sunglasses. They are marketed with water related themes that are just a way of being connected with the company’s roots in Hawaii. These sunglasses are of high quality and durability that makes them a very popular choice among people and tourists that love to spend time at the beach.

Ic! berlin:

This is the famous Germany based company that specializes in manufacturing high end eyewear. The brand was founded in the year 1966 and has it’s headquarters in Berlin. They have some of the most innovative and stylish sunglasses and had been winning numerous awards over the years. The company produces light and flexible sunglasses that makes it a go to brand for the people who are looking for some comfortable shades. These can be quiet expensive but the quality and the durability is worth every penny spent on. The sunglasses are built to last a really long time and can be seen worn by many celebrities.

Best Sunglasses Brands In The World

No wonder there are numerous sunglasses brands in the market, but it’s crucial that your selection is based on the quality and affordability that suits you, also keep in mind the shape of your face and don’t just blindly follow the trend. So these were the best sunglasses brands in the world.

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