Beautiful Places to Visit for Travel and Relax

Beautiful Places to Visit for Travel and Relax
Written by Raju chhabra

Traveling the best thing to do in life, thousands of places are there on earth to travel, in India and also outside our country. I will suggest you the best places to travel and gain the full payback of your trip in terms of enjoyment. Traveling should not only be habitual but also is a healthy thing to do. Thousands of natural places are there to visit which make you relax as well as refresh you for a long period to come. A long trip once in a year and certain short trips from time to time keep us healthy forever. It spread happiness in our lives and helps us to live long.

Vacation time is always a travel and relaxing time, but where to go? Few suggestions will be there for you in the blog. Every person chooses the places to travel according to their moods and liking. Commonly first thing comes in mind are big, golden, silky, sandy beaches. The person who likes the water and the most magical thing provided by God to see a big big big pond of water are always want to visit tropical places also best Caribbean beaches which are lovely to see.

Beautiful Places to Travel and Relax


A number of tropical islands and beaches are there in world few of them are here, you will love to visit, But while packing your bags, take the most relaxing clothes to boost that relax mood more, check out them.

Also, don’t let you tan while having a blast holiday for the best photo memories.

A number of tropical islands and beaches are there in world few of them are here, you will love to visit…….

Bali Indonesia: this is one of the most beautiful beaches full of local regional’s, breath storming beaches and tremendous surfing. Come, enjoy and relax at the best beautiful place to travel.

Bora Bora:  One of another beautiful place/ beach to travel. It is also called as The Romantic Island, with white sand, overwater bungalows and clear looking water of like gem. It is a most beautiful place to travel along.

Hawaii: Maui based this beach has a Red sand, this red sand beach is a most beautiful place for a good vacation trip and to share utter happy feelings with each other.

Fiji: a perfect gesture removing place and famous for its warm water, but most important thing it is the smallest beach with the most relaxing point. It’s like do nothing still enjoying the calmness beauty.

Maldives: the Indian Ocean based on and is a smallest Asian country.  Again most chilling and gorgeous place to visit and travel many times, water is so clear and beaches are so cool and clean.

The list is endless many more to come but the most important thing is there are thousands of places on the earth to visit, today we discussed only beaches but many more to come along with me. But the most important thing is traveling keeps you healthy also so usually plan the trips to such beautiful places.

Don’t waste your money to a doctor rather treat yourself with a perfect trip to relax.



  1. Lake Tekapo– With its beautiful blue glacier waters Lake Tekapo dazzles. And the perfect place to star gaze at night. In the spring season, the lupins color the roadside in beautiful hues of purple and pink just like a carpet of flowers.
  2. Coromandel Peninsula- This is the summer holiday favorite destination among the tourists. There are coastal towns that you can visit, surf or just relax and go fishing.
  3. Piha Beach- This is a very popular beach among the surfers, the beach has something for all age groups. The beautiful black sand and the rugged appearance is what makes this beach so unique.
  4. Cape Regina– This place is located at the top of North Islands. You can get a view of some spectacular coastlines and the surrounding greenery through the iconic lighthouse of the place.
  5. Mount Taranaki- It is also known as Mount Taranaki, and its stunning symmetry gives a strong resemblance to the Mount Fuji in Japan. You can get access to the magnificent summit by going for a hike around the Egmont National Park.



 The place has diverse destinations ranging from the sands of Puerto Vallarta to the metropolitan city of Mexico. Here is a few absolutely breathtaking place to visit while in Mexico.

  1. Cozumel: This island is best known for the cruise ships and the coral reefs. It is also a beautiful and quiet place where you can learn about the Mayan culture and just relax on the beach while reading a good book.
  2. Yucatan Peninsula: This beautiful peninsula sits at the southern tip of eastern Mexico. The place is well-known for its very unique natural beauty, geology and an amazing coastline. Don’tmiss the incredible underground lakes also known as the Cenotes and the States national parks.
  3. Chiapas: This is a sub-tropical paradise and has ancient Mayan ruins and a dense rainforest jungle. It’s one of the most beautiful places in Mexico with southern Mexican state bordering Guatemala. The highlights of the place include the river carved canyon of Sumidero.
  4. The Bufadora, Baja California: A stunning site of the place is the sea cave and cannot be missed. The cave is situated at the sea level and the tidal surge creates a huge geyser that is accompanied by an eerie sound. The rest of the Baja California is totally worth exploring as well as it’s the earth second longest peninsula and the region spans a huge number of majestic mountains and ravishing beaches.
  5. Isla Mujeres: You just need to take a short boat ride to Isla Mujeres which is also known as the Island of women. It is a perfect tropical heaven that is a world away from the absolute craziness of the mainland. You can go snorkeling, swimming r just soak up the sun. It’s like having your own private island.




Also nicknamed as the Sunshine State, Florida has great weather, awesome beaches and absolutely stunning parks that you would have ever seen. Here are some of the most beautiful places in Florida.

  1. Apalachicola Bluffs and Ravines Preserve: The very rare elevation over the Apalachicola River makes some of the most breathtaking views in the state. One of the former owners had claimed it to be the site of Garden of Eden just because of the spectacular place.
  2. Fakaharchee Strand Preserve State Park: The whole Everglades has huge cypress trees that sore heron. The black water is carved y the mangroves. The park is swampy and rugged.
  3. Cape Romano Dome Homes: Now this cannot be missed at all. On the outer shores of the Everglades is the mysterious dome home set. There were built as beach houses for Bob Lee.
  4. Falling Water state park: This park has the highest waterfall in the state where a trail of the tropical foliage leads to a 73-foot waterfall that drops into a mysterious sinkhole. It is still not known what is the water’s final destination.
  5. Topsail Hill State Park: The three miles secluded beachfront and dunes that are twenty-five feet high makes this place one of the most unusual beaches in the state. Another striking feature is the three coastal dune, lakes fresh water is brimming with fishes.




The golden state also called California has some of the most spectacular sights and places to offer. Here are a few of them that are going to amaze you by their beauty.

  1. California’s Pacific Coast Highway: Go for the most beautiful driveways on the Pacific coast highway. It rusts along most of the coastlines and is world famous for its scenery. The route is a designated blue star highway.
  2. Santa Cruz: It’s the surfing mecca of the country. The city is small itself with a population of about fifty thousand, but the bohemian vibes and the beaches attract visitors from around the globe. It’like a never-ending paradise because of the summer throughout the year.
  3. San Diego: The gorgeous city of San Diego is situated along the coast of the Pacific ocean. The climate is mild and there are a number of beaches to explore. No doubt it is also called as America’s finest city because of the vibrancy of the place.
  4. McWay Falls: Located in the Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park is the eighty-foot waterfall. Because of it’s close proximity to the ocean, it is also classified as a tidal fall. In the 1980’s the terrain altered and the fall now flows into an inaccessible beach, earlier it used to fall directly into the ocean.

No doubt traveling offers loads of health benefits to your body, mind, and soul, it relieves stress and connects you to your inner self. So pack your bags and visit all the wonderful places you must one at a time.

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