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Do you really know Best Beauty salons of India? We all idolize our favorite celebs. Let’s admit, we all copy their style and in most cases, even wish to look like them. Do you want to know the secret behind the all-around top-notch personality of these celebs? After all, how do they manage to stay so in style all the time? Well, the answer to this query is not at all tough to guess. Of course, a beauty salon! A single visit to a salon can give you the look of your dreams and make you feel like a star.

So, is it done? Will you just step out of the house, walk around a little bit and enter the first salon you spot? Of course not! If you want the best look, you ought to visit the best salon. How do you decide that? You can’t go to every other salon in India and keep comparing them throughout your life. Here we are to your rescue! To make the job easier for you, we offer you a whole list of the best beauty salons in India that are hell-bent on providing you the best services including all the popular makeup looks that can actually make you feel like your favorite celeb! So, let’s dive in and take a look at these salons from the point of view of a beauty blogger.


Let’s stars——-

  • Tony And Guy


While talking about the most elite salons in India, Tony and Guy can never fail to deserve a mention. It is one of the most celeb-favorite salons in India that is basically London based. The makeup ideas and hairdressing styles they provide is beyond appreciation. Since the time this UK chain has unfolded in India, it has made an important place in the celeb world. It has earned quite a fame and a name. Besides that, most of the high-profile people have listed Tony and Guy as their first choice when it comes to salons. With some of the classiest services, they impart you a look that will make you feel like you own the world. If you are still wondering how to become hot girl with well dress up, all your queries will be satisfied once you pay a visit here.

For people all over the world traveling to the national capital of India are always guided to the Metodo Rossano Ferretti as it is one of the classiest salons in the country. Delhi is the host to numerous international events that happen in India. If you are looking for the perfect natural look, the haircut of your choice or any beauty or style related service, the Metodo Rossano Ferretti has to be your one-stop destination.

  • Metodo Rossano Ferretti


Italian hair experts named Rossano and Lorenza Ferretti decided to offer calming beauty treatments and that is how the name Metodo Rossano Ferretti came into existence. Dimitri Lafiandra earns all the credits for the fame that Metodo Rossano Ferretti has earned over the time as he is one of the best hair stylists of India. All in all, if you visit Delhi, the Metodo Rossano Ferretti has to be on your bucket list. Following beauty tips for women face along with paying regular visits to this beauty salon will keep you glowing for long.

  • B-Blunt


With the hype that is rampant with chains of beauty salons throughout the country, most of them are unable to actually justify the prices of the services they provide. Normally, it is near o impossible for a person with a tight budget to get the full worth of their money at these chains. But at B-Blunt, things are not as they seem to be in most of the other overhyped and pain in the pocket beauty salons. Instead of merely breaking the bank, the workers at B-Blunt strive to offer you the best possible services and you can rest assured that every penny you spend contributes to your satisfaction.

The staff here is highly trained and makes you feel special in every possible way. When you come out of the salon, you will feel like you are under a spotlight. Yes, that’s right! Just like your favorite celeb! The services that are rendered here are fit only for celebrities, so, that’s basically the entire concept of the chain. Adhuna Akhtar, the wife of Farhan Akhtar, owns this masterpiece of style. It thrives in the major cities of India such as Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, and Bangalore. The products of B-Blunt are better than what you find at most cosmetic stores.

The solution for all your hair woes is easily available here. Be it enhancing your quick grooming sessions, or elaborate party looks, B-Blunt has always matched up to the high expectations of its customers. With Kareena Kapoor being the brand ambassador of B-Blunt, the name has contributed to many popular Bollywood hairstyles and glamorous magazine covers.

  • Jean Claude Biguine


Everyone wants a look that enhances the natural beauty of the face instead of loading it with layers of makeup. Jean Claude Biguine is a hub of International style and fashion. There are very few salons in India that offer actual International styles. The skilled French stylists are at your service, ready to cater to all your beauty-related needs. Since the only outlet is in Mumbai, you need to pay a visit to the commercial capital of India.

The stylists work in close collaboration with Indian beauty experts to provide you the best experience and an absolutely elite standard of services. Their products for spa consist of 100% organic ingredients. So, along with being a place providing all the style and wow factor that you need, it is also a beauty shop for high-quality products. This is one of the leading beauty salons in India that offer you the classiest of the services that you very much deserve.

  • Sylvie’s Designer Salon


As we all probably already know, Sylvester Rodgers, also called as Sylvie is the best transgender hairstylist of India. She is also the industry’s one of the best hairdressers ever. She used to be a surgeon in London but gave up her medical career in order to pursue her long passion for hairstyling. In order to get a whole new makeover and feel like you are no less than a Bollywood star, just walk into her posh and luxurious salon in Delhi.

  • Monsoon Salon


Hey! Don’t get it wrong with the name! The Monsoon Beauty Salon is far from the wet and frizzy horror that we face in the Monsoon season. It is, in fact, the exact opposite of discomfort. The success of this royal salon located in Delhi goes to the legend behind it, Ron Anker. He is a famous stylist that is ever ready to impart to you a luxurious look. There are times when your tresses refuse to be tamed. That is when you need the aid of such a high-class salon which offers the best hair and beauty products and services.

  • Jawed Habib


Jawed Habib is a renowned name as far as the hair and beauty industry is considered. You hear the name and you just know it that this is the right place to pamper your hair and skin. It is difficult to find a single city in the country where this chain is not yet set up. Without a doubt, the Javed Habib chain of salons has earned the trust of people and they walk in the luxurious place with confidence. Of course, all customers walk out with a smile on their face and a swag in their style!

The services that they render are more than what you expect at a price less than the expectation. Isn’t it nice? In this entire list, there is finally an affordable option for people who cannot really loosen up their purse strings too much. But that doesn’t mean that the label itself fails to draw the attention of superstars. Can you believe it? It has about 400 outlets across India. Instead of styling that is merely based on products, this salon offers styling that is backed up by scientific facts. The Femina Miss India beauty pageants have featured Javed Habib as their official hairstylist.

  • Creme Salon and Spa


The Creme Salon and Spa is one of the best salons in Delhi as well as in India. You can avail treatments that are at a level that is offered internationally. It is known to provide an exquisite service to all of its customers. It specializes in Hair Wash, Blows Dry, Hair Cut, Pedicure, Body Spa, Threading, Body Massage and much more. If you have gone to the best salon in the world, you will find that the services offered at those salons are highly comparable to this Delhi-based salon.

But the main issue that arises with people seeking international treatments and services that match up to an international level is the price point. The rates are mind-numbingly high and completely break the bank. But this is not the case at Creme Salon and Spa. Availing the best services here won’t be too cheap. Of course, you get what you pay for! But as compared to other salons of the same standard, it won’t require you to go bankrupt and is comparatively more affordable. So, is there any reason why you shouldn’t book an appointment here this weekend? I don’t think so.

  • Mad O Wot


Those who even remotely are in touch with the fashion world or follow the trends must be familiar with the name Sapna Bhavani. Being one of the best stylists in the beauty industry, she has her own salon that is Mad O Wot which offers services no less than one of the best in the salon world. Some of her well-known clients include Bollywood stars and world-class cricketers such as Hrithik Roshan, Virat Kohli, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Priyanka Chopra, Mandira Bedi, Gauri Khan, Siddharth Mallya, etc. The staff offers personalized services and the comfort of the client is the top priority. Every client who walks in leaves satisfied and wants to come back again and again. The fascinating part is that the famous stylist has covered celebs from all spheres including politics, sports, and Bollywood.

  • Christiaan Georgio


In order to avail specialized and elite beauty services such as facials, manicures, pedicures, styling, hair care, bridal makeup, bleaching, light make-up, coloring, threading, and more.


All the salons offer basic beauty services, but the high standard and sophistication is what sets these 10 salons apart from the rest of the crowd. On that note, also check out these top 10 most beautiful women in the world.


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