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We offen listen FACE says Everything. Is it True? , Yes it is absolutely right. when we see a human’s face.    we realise that person how intelligent. Face is the most important part of human being. Every person wants his face should be most beautiful in crowd.People use different kind of efforts to make his face most beautiful.They use plenty of Beauty tips and tricks as well as use plenty of ayurvedic and other tablets and products to make his face beautiful and shinning as well as glowing.

In today’s if we want a job in any field face plays as important role. In modelling , acting , air hostess as well as hotel crew  and many more jobs face is so importent there. Here we will discuss some brilliant face care tips to get glow you have always wanted.



When we wake up in morning did we realise wat we eat and drink ? Do we have TEA and COFFEE? Yes absolutely right first of all we take empty stomach tea and coffee, Which is wrong .To care our face first of all in morning time we should of Juices which is effective. In juices we can have juice of fruits like  Pineapple, Grapes , Orange, pomegranate ect. we can also take mix juice of all fruits which we discuss here.This is so effective way to make our face fresh and beautiful.





One another thing i will discuss here do we no the importance of carrot.It is so benefited for our face. Carrot provide a wonderful shining and natural glow.It is so important vegetable. Everyday we can have 2-3 times carrot juice. It is also one of the so effective way to get glow and shine on our face.



Now we will discuss about an ayurvedic juices.Aloe vera is one of the best ayurvedic juice for Face glow.When we wake up in morning first of all we should of empty stomach aloe vera juice, it is one of the most effective trick for our face. second juice is Amla which also is good fo face glow. One of the INDIAN Yoga guru RAMDEV always says we should of mix juice of Aloe vera and Amla in the morning, its so much effective way to get glow on face according to Yoga guru RAMDEV. Gourd juice is also good for Glow.we can also mix Aloe vera , Amla and Guard juice to get more benefits.

we can also eat cucumber, Guard, Spinach etc, vegetables to get benefits. We can also have other green vegetables to get more benefits to get shinning and glow on our face.



Banana is the most common fruit as we all nos.banana is so rich in many nutrients and carbohydrates and also rich in potassium and moisture. It is high in vitamins.Banana can hydrate and moisturizes dry skin and  making it soft and super supple. There is also so many benefits of banana for face.Get a small bowl and put pieces of Banana into it and mash ,after Mashing bananas than mix some honey in it. Than apply this pack  on you’re face.Rub it for 5 minutes .Avoid the parts of eye and mouth and Keep pack on your face for 10-15 minutes than wash your face with cold water.You will feel amazing softness and shinning on your Face.Rub this pack for twice a week to get more and more benefits.

If you have oily greasy skin than we can than you can make a Banana mash with lemon and honey in it.This mash contains moisture, potassium, and vitamins E and C which is so helpful to glow and freshness on oily skin.

Face becomes dull because of tiny moles, age spots, and some dark spot. We can reduce them and even permanently removes them by applying Banana  Mash on it minimum twice in a week. so let’s start and get benefit from it and Rock.




Orange is wonderful fruit for health we no it very well. Orange’s peels contain a higher concentration of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. It is so halpful for skin problems. Orange peels are rich in skin-boosting nutrients which benefits so much for face skin. Which removes black spots and lighten skin tone as well as makes oily skin fresh and smooth.

First of all select some fresh organic ORANGES. Wash 3-4 oranges, Then wrap them in a cotton cloth to make them dry. Then remove all peels from Orange. After that spread all peels on trey under the sun to make them much drier. After than put them into the mixture and convert in powder. Mix rose water into it. You can apply this on your face for 30 minutes once in a week to get benefits of glow and sweetness.


Cucumber is also one of the amazing vegetables which contains 95% water. It is also halpful for face skin to make it shinning. First of all cut Cucumber into pieces TEMPthan apply those pieces on your face. It removes dark shades around your eyes and also removes dark spots from face.

So finally at all  BEAUTY TIPS FOR WOMEN FACE is so important we can apply all tricks and methods which we talked about above to get enter into the world of Glamour and get success in you’re life. Friends sky is a limit so let’s touch the sky because life is so short.


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