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  • Get Rid of Fattiness and get Freedom from Laziness 

 How to Lose Weight fast and easy in 30 days


Obesity is a dangerous illness in the whole world. Many persons are suffering from Obesity. Obesity also kills smartness of Human being. All Fatty persons want to get rid of Obesity. Its an epidemic problem in the whole World. They use plenty of ways to win over Obesity. They also use a different kind of medicines to reduce weight. Can they win the battle?

Yes, you can win and reduce weight. Let’s discuss some ways to get rid of Obesity.and get your  body in better shape. We will discuss how to reduce stubborn fat from youe body quickly and easily.

  • Sleeping Time and Obesity 

Our sleeping habits Perfect so much on the body. According to Nature sleeping time must be only 6-8 hours. If you sleep more than 8 hours than definitely Perfects your a body. So if you want to reduce weight than strict to sleep only 8 hours every day.

Second thing when you sleep. Have a look at this habit. Try to sleep between  @10 Pm to @11 Pm and wake up between @5 Am to @7 Am. It will effect so much to reduce weight. And also remember some people used to sleep @ afternoon dat’s not good for health, its increase Obesity so don’t try to sleep @ Afternoon time.

  • Diet habits and Obesity 

Diet plays a major part in our daily routine life. It effects so much in day to day life. Obesity and Diet there is a big correlation between both. First of all, has a check on it what you eat daily.. High energy food, Fast food, sugary drink and processed food increased the weight so much and quickly. Always ignore these kinds of food in order to reduce weight.

Although in spite of all these things also Avoid Fad diets. Cutting out whole food groups like Meat, Fish, Wheat, Oily food  AND Diary food that impact so much to reduce the weight of fatty ones. Also avoid Banana, Potato, rice and other fatty products.

Now we will discuss what to eat to reduce weight quickly. Always try to eat low calories food which will do a great trick for healthy persons. Leafy Greens along with kale, swiss chards and spinach and like some others are awesome for fatty people. Leafy Greens only increase the volume of food without increasing calories. On the other hand.  Cruciferous  Vegetables like cauliflower, Arugula, Broccoli, Collard Greens, Kale, cabbage as well as brussels sprouts are full of fiber and keep the stomach full for much more time. Soups of different vegetables also Help to fill teh stomach.

Boiled Meat is also high in protein and keeps body healthy and fit. Boiled meat fill up stomach and contains protein in our body. Add boiled meat twice in teh week in your diet.

  • Drinks and Obesity

COLD DRINK big enemy of fitness. Cold drink increases the weight so quickly. The best formula for Obesity is COLD DRINK + FAST FOOD= OBESITY. Avoid just Avoid cold drinks to reduce weight.

Also, avoid drinking cold water. Cold water always causes weight gain. Grease of stomach get stuck and increased when cold water enters into the body.  So Always drink fresh water,

Hot water plays a major role in reducing weight. Hot water is a Boon to Obesity. Hot water stays a bit more in teh stomach than cold water. You will feel fuller a bit longer after drinking Hot water.

So let’s discuss how to use Hot water to reduce weight. When you go to bed for rest @ night take 2-3 glass of Hot water. It burns teh Grease body and reduces weight. Morning time when you wake up take 2 glasses of hot water in a jar and add 2 spoons of Honey in it, add Lemon to it. this formula plays a great trick and reduces weight so quickly.

  • Exercise, Yoga, and Obesity

How to Lose Weight fast and easy in 30 days

How to Lose Weight fast and easy in 30 days

 Daily Fitness Daily Exercise serves to improve teh strength needed to function in life. On the other hand to reduce weight Exercise plays a big role.

Normal what people do, They used to do exercise in a wrong way. In starting people workout so fast and so Hard. It effects bad results on their body. So in starting time do a little exercise. After 10 days friends increase teh time and movements of exercise. When your stamina increased than do a proper exercise. You can drink 2-3 hot glass of water to get more benefits of exercise.

Walking is must to reduce weight. Evening and Morning time walk at least 15-20 minutes daily with an empty stomach.

Meditation is so important for a Fatty person. Meditation is halpful to Reduce Belly Fat. Fatty people can also work with Pranayam to get more results. Pranayam also reduces weight with precautions of Fatty food.I will suggest some Pranayam methods below-;

Bellows Breath, Shining Forehead Breath, Alternate Nostril Breath, External Breath, Bee Breath.  These are some Pranayam methods you can use to reduce weight. These Pranayam methods also halp to heal some illness about which we will discuss in other Article.

  • Obesity And Dangerous Disease

Fatty person can suffer from many of disease along with Obesity. Obesity can be so harmful. Let’s discuss some Disease coz of Obesity-:

  1. Diabetes and Overweight, 90% of diabetes patients suffered because of Obesity.
  2. Obesity also effects our Heart too. Being Obese through you at higher risk of high blood pressure and many more heart problems. It also brings problems in breathing.
  3. Being overweight also increases teh risk of Gallbladder stones. Which is highly dangerous and occur many more disease.
  4. Obesity also increases hypertension.
  5. Gaut is one other disease which attacks because of Obesity and strikes at Joints.
  6. Cancer coz of Obesity, Can you imagine? Yes, it’s true friends. A summary sheet provides a data which evidence linking Overweight and Obesity to the risk of various cancer stages.

                         Finally, Friends Obesity is not good for health and smartness. So Get rid of Obesity by adapting all methods which we discuss above. It makes you lazy, adapts your smartness as well as through you in the dig of disease. All methods are tough but not impossible to reduce weight quickly. So accept challenge friends. always be winner and winner doesn’t quit at any cost. Beauty tips for Women Face can also halp you to Be smart, healthy, Young and sexy.   Always say bye bye to antonyms..


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