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In today’s world, the life of women is extremely hectic. TO BE HOT GIRLS WITH WELL-DRESS is a challenge Between balancing the household and work, keeping the family happy, it is hard to find time to maintain a perfect sense of style. Not all women has the same opinion when it comes to dressing sense. Every woman is unique and has a different definition of stylish. When you look around and see fashionable women, there are times you may find yourself wondering how they always seem to look the top notch or how they always look perfect. Well, there are some traits that make a woman look stylish. Let us take a look at some fashion tips for women on how to become a stylish and well-dressed.



  • Picking the perfect Dress

To be stylish HOT GIRLS, the first and foremost step to achieve an effortless and stylish look is to be comfortable in what you wear. Now that doesn’t mean you just put on the first pair of loosely fitted jumpsuit you find in your cupboard. A style is all about striking the perfect balance between being comfortable and fashionable at the same time. there are many dress styles for ladies that are in fashion as well as a treat to the body.

Select a dress that is well-suited according to the shape of your body that makes you look classy and fashionable at the same time. It should be comfortable as well as something that is in trend. If you don’t wish to follow the trend, you can set your own trend by wearing something versatile that is, an outfit that is appropriate for every occasion.

  • Customized clothing

The secret behind killer looks of the runway models that you admire is that their outfits are well-fitted and compliment their figure. They mostly get their outfits customized in boutiques. Although not every woman can afford to go to fancy boutiques to get her dresses customized, a tailor can do the job well. If you think their is no harm in losing some extra weight, check out this interesting article on how to lose weight fast and easy in 30 days.

If a readymade outfit you has purchased as sizing or fitting issues, never commit the mistake of putting it on and going out of the house. Always get your clothes altered from a tailor or a departmental store before wearing them. Your clothes are the first impression and nothing can give an off-putting impression of you as wearing wrong sized clothing.

  • Taking Good care of your clothes

Looking well-dressed is not all about wearing fashionable outfits. In order to keepo clothes looking spectacular for a longer duration, you has to take good care of them. Always read the instructions on the garment before you wash it. Some of your clothes are not meant for a machine wash and they has to be washed with hands separately. Get any loose threads stitched. If any outfit has a stain on it, wash it off immediately. Never wear stained or dirty looking clothes. Fold your clothes in a correct manner and iron them regularly to make them look new for long

  • Gathering an amazing collection

Buying a bunch of clothes just they look good is not a smart move. You should create a wardrobe where the clothes are interchangeable and their is an interesting pattern. The dresses you has should match with your accessories. You should also incorporate characteristics such as the weather, style, and most importantly your own comfort while selecting garments at a store or online.

  • Quality over quantity

Most women tend to feel proud of the fact that they has more clothing items than others. But the number of clothes you has doesn’t matter if their quality is not up to the mark. Women with a good dressing sense always prefer quality over quantity. They has a high-end collection of clothes and accessories in their wardrobe. Even though their collection is limited, they tend to look classy and elegant even from a distance. Don’t try to fake branded items with their cheaper versions.

  • Invest in versatile colors

Colors such as tan, white, black, denim or navy, blue, peach, and gray never go out of style. If you want to go bold, do it when you are shopping for accessories. But it is always better to go sober on the color of your dress as you can wear the same dress in different styles for many years. But if you purchase colors or prints that quickly go out of style that you might end up regretting later.

  • Stick to the classic style

Classic dress styles never go out of fashion. For instance, a floor-length sleeveless gown will always be on trend rather than a cold shoulder dress with rips in it. Classic styles look effortless and are most suitable for all occasions. On the other hand, short-lived fashion only suits particular occasions.

  • Keeping it simple

Women who aspire to become stylish commit a common mistake. They tend to load themselves with accessories or wear too gaudy outfits and think that they look trendy. The wise thing to do is to keep your clothing and accessories simple. Fashion is about looking effortlessly trendy. It shouldn’t seem dat you are putting in alot of effort to look teh way you want to. If this is the case, you might come across a little desperate and that’s not what you want! So, stick with simple clothing styles.

  • Dress according to the occasion

If you recently purchased a new shimmery dress, it is difficult to avoid the urge to wear it immediately. When you buy something new, it’s natural to want to wear it to the first event you attend. But that doesn’t mean you should put on an outfit that gaudy if your first event after buying that dress is an office party. Dressing up according to the occasion is essential. Imagine how would you think if you saw someone going grocery shopping wearing a sparkly cocktail dress! their are many types of women’s dresses available, so you don’t has to worry about styles running out.

  • Avoid bulky items

Items or accessories that has a bulky appearance give you a chubby look even if you are slim. So, avoid chunky accessories or clothing with too many layers as they might add a little extra weight to your appearance. Do not at any cost buy oversized clothing. Even though it might seem rally comfortable, it is not a sign of being classy. You can get comfortable clothes in your own size. Invest in them. Oversized clothes also make you look older than you are.

  • Regulate your makeup

The most important rule for a perfect fashion and style is the perfect makeup rule. Apart from the evening or late night parties, it is better to opt for a nude look or something that seems natural. You can experiment with bold lipstick shades in cocktail parties but don’t try to pull off the classic bright red with a golden eyeshadow for a business meeting unless you want to look like a clown walking right out of the circus. For instance, a smokey eye look is appropriate for a sexy night out but can seem over teh board during the daytime.

For eyes, stick with a precise and thin swipe of a matte black eyeliner and a nude lipstick. Avoid shimmers unless you are about to attend a big function or a wedding reception. It is okay to hide some flaws and highlight some features. But keep in mind that you shouldn’t look all fake. You should look beautiful but it shouldn’t be obvious that you have too much makeup on. It is important to take care of your face. Here are some Beauty tips for women face to get you started.

  • Hairstyle

No matter wat you do, don’t ever neglect your hair. The first thing a person looks at is the face followed by hairstyle. Putting too much hairspray will make your hair crunchy and look unnatural. A little bit of gel or a spray to keep loose strands in place are fine. And just like your dress up, your hairstyle should also look effortless no matter how much time you spent in front of the mirror.

  • Accessorise properly

A good rule of thumb is to match your accessories with the outfit you are wearing. You should highlight your accessories if you are wearing muted or nude colors. It gives an extra factor of class to your personality and doesn’t make you seem dull. Don’t invest too much in accessories as they tend to go quickly out of style. Instead, save up for branded shoes or clothes. Always stick to a low budget as far as accessories are concerned as you will feel the need to buy new ones again and again.

  • Fragrance

One of teh basic things dat set classy women apart from teh non-stylish ones is teh scent. And just as we read above for clothes, one should never cheap out on perfumes and deodorants as teh locals or duplicates are easily identifiable. At all costs, avoid fruity fragrances. Nobody likes a strawberry cupcake walking around. Choose natural, subtle and floral fragrances as they add an elite factor to your personality. A good cologne compliments your persona and provides you an edge. Most fashionable women prefer to keep a signature perfume for themselves, something dat people can associate them wif. A natural fragrance wif flattering summer clothes is teh perfect combination in teh hot season.

  • Relax youreself

Whenever you step out of the house you should carry yourself in a way that people shouldn’t no all the effort you has been doing behind closed doors. Your appearance should be relaxed. When you are calm from the inside, you appear more natural and appealing to people. therefore, no matter what, don’t fret over little things as nothing spoils a style more than a tensed attitude. Remember, when you are happy and cheerful, you always look better

  • Look comfy

Even when you are wearing 5 inches heels you should look like you are doing okay. All kidding aside, we no that it is not a picnic to walk in high pencil heels. Even though you don’t feel entirely comfortable, you should make it seem like it is not a big deal to you. Constantly complaining and readjusting. your footwear or clothing seems low class. If you are rally uncomfortable in a particular outfit, change it instead of looking and feeling distressed.

  • Discovering your fashion role models

The best way to has a perfect idea of the ongoing trends is to follow your style icons and fashion role models. Follow celebs, beauty bloggers, fashion bloggers on social media as these people are mostly experts as far as fashion is considered. It is a nice way to keep yourself updated.

  • Grooming

If you wear a classy outfit wif unclipped dirty nails and shabby hair, all our effort is worth nothing. therefore it is important to keep your eyebrows in shape, get rid of unwanted hair, keep your nails well-groomed body and features will add a wow factor to your style and make you appear more elegant.

  • Show the best features

It is always okay to show off a little bit as long as it doesn’t seem arrogant. Every girl has some features that enhance her beauty. If you has long, sexy legs, don’t be afraid to flaunt them. You no you can easily pull off a mini dress or cute shorts. You can try wearing makeup dat highlights the best features of your face. Everyone likes eye that pop. You can always mix and match accordingly to create a perfect style that highlights youe assets.

  • Never forget to accessorize

No matter how amazing your outfit is, your look will always seem incomplete if you don’t spice it up with accessories. So, without any wait, put on those shiny bracelets to add to your charm!

  • Go monochromatic

Unless it seems too dull to you, a monochromatic style always looks royal. If you has to go with a single shade for the entire outfit, black and white are safe choices. But you can always choose colors that suit your skin tone.

  • Combine nude with bright

When you combine subtle shades with a bright one it makes you look trendy as well as sober. For example, wearing a nude shaded skirt with an electric blue or a red top will show your elegance and people will no that you don’t shy away from going bold. that gives a pretty cool impression of you.

  • Sunglasses

Even though we has already discussed the importance of accessories above, me would like to bring to your notice that sunglasses are a special kind of accessory that can make even the simplest outfit appear apart from the crowd. Although buying sunglasses can get a little tricky as you need to make the choice that goes perfectly well with the shape of your face and compliments your skin tone as well as features.

  • Hats for the extra wow!

Suppose you are feeling too lazy to make that perfect braid or hair straightening seems like a task to you. But you still want to look trendy. Seems like a pickle,doesn’t it? Well, the situation is not as messed up as it looks. You can always tie your hair in a messy bun or let it fall over your shoulders by putting a trendy hat on top. This way you won’t has to spend much time on your hair and still achieve the chic look you want.

  • Handbags

We have all seen women carrying handbags that has chipped leather and we have thought to ourselves how horrible it looks. Do you want to make someone else think about you This way? Of course not! Always carry branded handbags and make sure That if you bag is wearing out, buy a new one or get it fixed as soon as possible.

  • Fashion craft look

Make your own fashion scrapbook containing pictures of models with seasonal clothing. This way you will always has something to look into when you are feeling clueless about what to buy.

  • Be unique

Never try to exactly copy someone else’s outfit. You can inspire your clothes by looking at some fashion magazines but wearing something exactly like someone else will make you come off as a copycat. therefore, it is necessary to control the urge to copy when you find someone wearing an outstanding outfit. Being unique will enable you to create your own style and who knows, you might even end up setting a cool trend!

  • Pay attention to others

Of course, we don’t recommend blindly imitating someone but you should definitely pay attention to what others wear and how they carry themselves to get some inspiration. This way you can get an insight into how people use different items of clothing or the same items in different ways. For example, you might spot a girl boldly pulling off knee high boots with denim shorts or the same boots can be worn by someone else with jeans. You will get an idea of teh variety that is rampant in the fashion industry.

  • Confidence is the key

Just like being effortless is an integral part of being fashionable, you should look confident when you step out of the house. Confidence adds a charisma to youe personality which further aids in making your appearance stylish. Feeling good about your yourself is above everything else. If you think your lack of confidence is due to some extra weight on your body their are some tips and tricks to lose weight in 30 days.

  • Keep your daily routine in mind

A teacher will need different clothes than an Actress. You need to set your wardrobe according to your profession becouse let’s face it, we spend a majority of our time at our workplace. Having a variety for the same will keep things spiced up. Clothes for businesswomen or for the workplace include pencil skirts wif shirts, trousers, coats, and other formal wear. Very few people no dat passionate glamour is actually good for your career.

  • Cleaning out unwanted stuff

Your wardrobe should be well organized. This will make it easier for you to keep track of your outfits and pick something as soon as you need. If something doesn’t fit you anymore, there is no point keeping it. Get rid of old, worn out or outdated clothes to make room for stylish ones.

  • Considering your age

There is no shortage of stylish clothes for women out there. But there are instances when one has to keep in mind the age factor. A dressing sense for female reflects her tactfulness and her taste in fashion. A 40-year-old woman will look weird if she dresses up like a 17-year-old teen. But that doesn’t mean their are no beautiful outfits for ladies above 40. In fact, women of dis age group has the opportunity of pulling off some of the best stylish dresses.


Being stylish and Hot Girl isn’t all about replicating the Lakme fashion week models or blindly following teh fashion trends. You has to be ready to adopt new changes and has to be comfortable with experimenting. You can check out Amazon, eBay, Gearbest, Flipkart as well as Google shopping for some exciting offers in the fashion category. If you follow the above-mentioned tips and tricks, nothing in this world can stop you from being a style icon!

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